Friday, September 18, 2009

what i learned this week is . . .

  • my kids feel safe and secure at home
  • i have more friends than i'd thought
  • the referigerator empties quickly
  • my children think clearer with no sugar
  • i lead a pretty boring life
  • i can go dayyyys with out washing my hair
  • . . . or shaving
  • my baby sister has fallen in love
  • wisteria grows at an alarming rate
  • the aquarium on the wii menu is nice background noise
  • we don't need the tv to survive
  • i need netflix to survive


  1. My life is very boring as well! I try to hide it, it's just a sad fact haha.

    One thing I am tired of hearing is that we dont' have any food in the house, when clearly we do. My husband chooses not to add any wants to the list so I buy what I put on there. Then he complains, even though I ask him a million times! So he'd say our fridge empties quickly haha.

    Shh... I don't shave as often as I should during winter!