Sunday, November 29, 2009

whirlwind weekend

aaaah, yes, that's me sighing relief. we are all home. no one is sick. the girls are in bed asleep and i am headed that way. feels good.
baby is walking everywhere so i haven't a lot of time to sit and blog. they grow so fast. :( sniff. too too fast.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

i am alive

i know, few actually care, but here i am. what a week!! it is only thursday, well, i guess the week is almost finished. to start with i have had a sick baby. that is nothing new for any of us, i'm sure, but when that baby has a seizure, that is pretty new and scary. and scared i was. i have never really been scared for my children before. they have fallen and busted their lips, fallen on concrete (thanks to daddies letting them fall off tables while camping) but i've taken it all with stride. but when your 12 month old child laying listless in your arms proceeds to jerk, a sense of helplessness comes over you. i don't care who you are. and so here i am, 3 days later to tell you that my child has an ear infection. yes, that's right, a simple ear infection caused her to have a seizure. well, the sudden rise in fever caused the seizure, but non the less. . . she is doing much better now. no fever for 24 hours.

a lot more has been happening in my life, but i will not bore you with the details. ok, so you maybe would not be bored, but i will not, WILL NOT, use you as my sounding board. lol

i have been busy making bandanna dresses. having lots of fun. hopefully i can get a business started and take care of mine.

so, until tomorrow, sleep well, and i hope you have all have a nice day with family.

Friday, November 20, 2009

am i an idiot?

i have been looking for a new sewing machine. can't really afford one, but wanted one non the less. well, i thought it may be worth it to take mine in and get it looked at. so i started researching my problem and found a site, forget now, that had a list of possible solutions. she called it the 10 minute something or another. (i feel really bad that i can't link you to her site) so anyway, i did the 10 minute something or another. i changed the needle, re threaded with the presser foot UP and started sewing. i have made three dresses and practiced a hem. all with no skipped stitches!!! i am relieved. excited!! as i write this i wish there was more material to sew!! well, you know what this means. I CAN JOIN THE SCARF ALONG!!! i just need to get my materials. hee hee hee

what i learned this week is . . .

  • i have become the parent i always promised myself i would not become
  • my big girls love each other sooo much
  • the baby adores her big sisters
  • sometimes it's good not to know where certain family members are
  • i DON'T trust putting my children's' names on the internet
  • my 5 year old is getting too big to be falling asleep in strange places; restaurant booths, the bathtub, my lap, just to name a few

Thursday, November 19, 2009


i am so excited! so it's just for empty baby food jars, but it's a sale. now we'll see if i messed up with shipping. i did last week on ebay, lesson learned.

i've got about 20 key chains to get posted on my shop. and a friend is making some baby burp cloths. getting it started!!

going to eat lunch with the girls at school today. they are looking forward to that. the kids love seeing the baby. wow, i just typed her name! i need more coffee!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

nothing new

nothing new to report. how boring my life has become. just sent in my fafsa application. we'll see. now i just need to decide what to take. have a few ideas, just want to make sure that i chose something that will be worth it, allow me to support my little family and something i will enjoy in the long run. decisions decisions.

may have found a sewing machine!!! so excited. not anything fancy. found it on craigslist. it's the brother that my local target has but it's about 15 bucks cheaper, still in the box. we'll see if she replies to my email.

got a few key chains and barrettes made. can't decide if i should add an iron on monogram or not. trying to get enough made that i can put them up in a local sale fair type thing in jan, or feb. not sure when. eek! better get busy non the less.

so how many have checked out the scarf a long? i hope i can get this sewing machine in time so i can catch up. looks fun.

Friday, November 13, 2009

a little hello

well, three persons voted, one being me. someone changed their vote. don't know who that was. hmm? appletini, huh? we'll see what she can do. thank you for all who participated. we'll see what my sister has in store for you. she's still perfecting her wick technique, and when that is finished, she should be up and running.
hope you all have a great weekend, and you will hear from me soon.

what i learned this week is . . .

  • i love my children to death, but the week before my cycle is not the best week for school to be out for inclement weather
  • one momma + one pre-teen (is 9 pre-teen these days?) means we need a larger water heater. 30 minutes? really?
  • even when my children are sick, they should not sleep with me. i am too old to break that habit AGAIN!
  • my one year old has an insatiable appetite
  • i will never have enough money saved for a sewing machine. i should just go out and buy it!
  • my ex-husbands mother had it right all along. the mess will be there after they are grown and gone.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

update, in case you care

i just learned how to add a widget from my etsy shop to here. not much on my shop, still new to the whole thing, but learning quickly!! :)

23 hours to vote!!

join in the fun

see the cute scarf to the right? click on it. come on, don't be scared. ok, finish reading first. joy's hope, fellow blogger, is hosting a sew along! and i am definately going to do this, once i find a sewing machine. so i will bookmark every page of instructions. ;)

one more day to vote

come on gals. let me know what you want. this is consumer research in the works. on the right you'll notice we want to know what candle scent you would like. my sister is starting to make soy candles. and if you comment i may send you a 2oz candle for free!!! so if you are one of the 3 who have voted, send me an email. i'll see what i can do. ;)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

well . . . another down . . .

. . . one more tomorrow

we did not get pizza made tonight. by the time we got back from the store it was too late to start the sauce and raise the dough . . . so we will do it tomorrow. the girls are excited. ME TOO!!

cabin fever

hurricane ida turned tropical storm ida turned rain storm has schools closed monday and tuesday. nice. that makes for a 5 day weekend. 5 day!! and i am enjoying every bit of it. except i have had sick kids. my kids don't get sick!! but when one does, the other does and the other does. i am glad they didn't miss school, but what a way to spend time out of school!!

we are all down each other's throats, and we need a nice sunny DRY day. i think we will head to the store and get stuff to make pizzas. i'm excited!! we have enough time to make our dough from scratch even. let you know how it turns out.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

$100 and no idea what to get

if you had one hundred dollars to spend on a sewing machine, what would you buy? i'm new to sewing and am looking for an easy to use simple machine to learn on. i'd like to be able to sew things well enough to sell though. i'd like to sew bandanna dresses, pillow case dresses, pant sets, simple dresses, baby quilts, applique, and perhaps some light corduroy. any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.
i've been looking at the ones at target, but i'm not sure of the quality. i've looked on and found these refurbished ones, but not sure about a refurbished machine. i need something that is going to last a while. i don't need 50+ stitch options. what would i do with that?

Friday, November 6, 2009

what i learned this week is . . .

  • i don't have to be at school everyday of every week to be a good mom
  • we have too much stuff (did i learn that a few weeks ago?)
  • time change is HARD on the little ones
  • being a single mom takes work and determination
  • there IS a frustrating of plans where there is no confidential talk
  • i need to get off my butt, get out my glue gun and ribbon, and GET TO WORK!!

the best laid out plans . . .

today is friday, was friday. i suppose the day is nearly over now. anyway, my friend and i had plans to go out for a big girl night. you know, no kids? no high-chair, no color crayons, no special 'dip dip' on the side. i can't remember the last time i did that. she had been invited to a wine tasting evening at a local sushi restaurant. i was sooooo looking forward it! i did my hair, put on my make-up like i cared, pulled out my boots. then the baby woke up with a fever. half her face was red. and she just wanted momma to hold her. and that was the end of our plans. so i whipped up some guacamole, made some tortilla chips, and we browsed the net instead. which was fun.
i also had planned a yard sale for tomorrow. i may still throw a few things out there if she seems to be doing better. i could start my own small children's consignment sale with all i have. i've saved things my first child wore when she was a toddler. after about 9 years of dragging it along with us everywhere, i've decided to let it go. i didn't keep it all for sentimental reasons, more for financial reasons. makes sense, except now i have no where to put it! my goal was to sell it all and make enough to get a good sewing machine. we'll see!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

we had a winner!!

i was not aware! our giveaway with 'i'm with the band'
had a winner!!! and WOW!! what a pair! i knew she was working on something special, and these earings are awesome. i wouldn't mind having a pair of these. i don't have a pic, but will post soon!

we are still here

i've been getting ready for a yard sale we're having on saturday and my house looks like a cyclone hit it. it makes for crazy hectic mornings getting ready for school. we can't find anything and chances are the baby has taken things from the keep pile, and put it in the sale pile. or visa versa. it's times like this i wish 'clean house' came to the gulf coast for their shows.

my friend has launched a new gift idea. a 3 or 4 pack lotion gift 'can'. so cute you need to check it out. she's so creative. she comes up with new ideas everyday! just can't seem to have the time to do all of them.

my sister has decided to make soy candles with essential oils. i told her she needs to make them and sell them. we sahm need all we can get.

well, i need to get busy before the tyrant, uh i mean my beautiful adventerous daughter decides to awaken.