Wednesday, September 30, 2009

momma needs some new shoes

yes, that's right shoes. or maybe food. either way, i need a job. and so in the am i will be heading to an interview. my first in a very long time. i'm a little nervous. i remember my last interview. i was applying for secretary for a small cabinet door shop. worked there 2 years before becoming a sahm. and now, here i am, a few years later, one more kid and no man to support us. looser man. but that's besides the point. i will be stronger because of it. my daughters will grow to be awesome women, wives and mothers because of it. they will be independant, able to stand on their own feet if need be. willing to allow love in their hearts, to grow and nurture them, but not need it to survive.

how did i get off on that? that is not what this post is supposed to be about. i'm trying real hard not to get off on tangents. i can throw one heck of a pity party if i wanted to. but what's the point? i've heard that if you allowed other people and their actions to affect (effect?) the way you feel, then you are allowing yourself to become that persons slave. and i am no idiots slave. (had to throw that one in there) hee hee.

so, the point is, . . . i am going on a job interview and i am about scared out of my mind. i NEED a job. i have been a single stay at home mom with no income long enough. i hate being that woman sitting around waiting for the child support check. i felt a little justified in the fact that i had just birthed his child. but that was 10 months ago. i've just been procrastinating. now that the big girls are in school, it's time. i will let you know how it goes. till then, happy thoughts.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Friday, September 25, 2009

field trip or shots?

today my 5 year old went on her first field trip ever. her first ride in a school bus ever. and i was not with her :( . sniff i was at the doctor for the baby's checkup. they went to the skating rink. i drove by on my way from the doctor's and wondered if they would let me in. i doubted it, so i drove on. i felt horrible! no pics or anything. what a terrible mother i am. i still have pics from my oldest's first field trip from kindergarten. well, maybe she won't remember. and i will go next time for sure.
my baby had her check up today and got 3 shots total. she cried for half an hour! we had to stop at the store on the way home; she just wanted to go home and sleep. she was fine once she saw the yogurt melts in the cart. then we got home and she just wanted me to hold her, which was fine. it's what she's wanted all week so why should today be any different? between teeth poking through, allergies, and shots the dishes have not gotten done in two days. hmm, maybe i should be doing that now. nah, let me drink my tea and rest for a bit. ;)
the girls are all asleep, for now. long day for all of them. hopefully the baby sleeps well tonight. i'd like to get some sleep too. i wonder what it will be like when she does sleep through the night. she's 10 months old today and still waking up 3 times a night! when i try to give her the paci, she gets ticked off, screams, throws herself around . . . i know i should just walk away, but we share a room. so i get her out of her crib and . . . nurse her. yes i know, you don't have to tell me, but right now that's all she wants. i tell myself it's cause she's teething, but i'm afraid we are getting something started.
well, tomorrow starts a new weekend. no big plans here. just getting caught up on a lot of lovin' with my girls. have a few friends over sunday for some bbq. breathe a little before school starts again on monday. i am glad they both are loving school. makes those morning easy peasy lemon squeezy. (my 9 year old's new phrase) have a great weekend. maybe i'll pop in for a few words of enlightenment. maybe i won't.

what i learned this week is . . .

  • i have accumulated a lot of stuff this last year
  • a lot of that 'stuff' is junk
  • three shots at once is tough for a baby
  • love from my children is the best love of all
  • we do better with a minute by minute schedule
  • family is always there when you need them the most
  • i miss new york
  • my daughters miss new york
  • i can go 10 miles past the '0 miles till empty' warning
  • and only 10
  • stress can melt away when your children laugh

Thursday, September 24, 2009

how can they do this?

so madsen cycles is still having their weekly giveaway. and i want one so bad!! i usually wouldn't try this again, but i actually won something this week!! the fabric shopper had a giveaway. and i won! i have never won anything before. this is so exciting. i wonder what i'm getting!!!
so this madsen cycle giveaway, if i don't win, at least maybe i had a part in spreading the news about a great product. and if i do win . . . oh the places i will go. Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

what to do, what to do...

sometimes i wonder what my children think i am. how do i let my infant know that in order to take care of her, i need to, you know, eat? shower? sleep at night? i don't think that is too much to ask. i may be wrong.
i've been playing with my blog and adding backgrounds, changing backgrounds. trying to add a little color. i need to get some pics up. maybe. i've recently learned how to add a hyperlink to a blog. that is what the testing post was all about. i've been a little busy lately, but i haven't forgotten about you. just a little brain dead. you mom's know what i mean i'm sure.
so what do you do for you? and no, i'm not talking attaching the wee one to the breast for a few silent moments. when the little one's asleep, how do you spend your time for you? maybe i'll do a poll. hmm... something else to spend my time on. hahaha

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

what i learned this week is . . .

  • my kids feel safe and secure at home
  • i have more friends than i'd thought
  • the referigerator empties quickly
  • my children think clearer with no sugar
  • i lead a pretty boring life
  • i can go dayyyys with out washing my hair
  • . . . or shaving
  • my baby sister has fallen in love
  • wisteria grows at an alarming rate
  • the aquarium on the wii menu is nice background noise
  • we don't need the tv to survive
  • i need netflix to survive

i'm still here

i have actually started to blog a few times this week. and each time something has come up. not sure what exactly, but something else needed to be done. not too surprising with a baby in the house. and with the big girls in school, my day seems to be shorter. i leave the house about 2:30 everyday to go and sit for half an hour waiting for them to be let out. then home again to start the evening routine again. we've been working on sticking to a schedule. using our time wisely. ergo, no blog. no really, we've done well this week. the girls are working really hard to get the important things done on time so there is still time for play at the end of the day. it has taken us 3 evenings to watch a movie. but all their homework and spiritual study has been done.

it seems strange with the baby, here at home with mommy all day she wants me to sit and do nothing. when i get up to clean something or fix something to eat, she has other plans. i can literally sit on the floor doing nothing, and she is fine to roam and play. if i get up, it's all over. once the big girls are home from school, she could care less what i am doing. the girls are at the table doing school work, i'm in the the kitchen getting dinner started, and she is roaming and playing by herself. she just feels more secure with her whole family. makes me smile to know that i have created a safe place for my children.

so i have my first sunday paper from last sunday. yes, i am just now getting coupons clipped. pathetic i know. but i am getting my grocery list compiled and getting ready to go out this afternoon with all girls in tow and shop with my coupons. i've been reading some blogs about using coupons and am amazed how much these mothers are saving! i don't know if i will ever truly understand all the tricks, but i am going to try. every bit helps.

on fridays i go to the school and help with the girls classes. with one in kindergarten and one in fourth grade, it makes for a fun day. the kindergartners are so excited when they see me come into the room. i have been three fridays, and each time they ask the same question. "are you her mom?" they don't even know my daughter's name. it's so cute. on fridays the school has a frozen treat. popsicles. these kids get popsicle dye all over themselves. one girl last week had blue dripped all down her arm, her leg and her whole chin was blue. the teacher told her to go look in the mirror and her reply: 'i'm too little to look in the mirror'. we all chuckled.

when i go, the baby stays with my sister and her cousin. they are 4 weeks apart. and so cute following each other around. my sister enjoys it because she is actually able to get things done around the house. they occupy each other. maybe i need to keep him a couple times too. that's an idea.

hmm, well i need to run now. but i'm glad i got a chance to 'chat' with you this am. i will get back with you this evening and let you know what i learned this week. till then, TGIF

Friday, September 11, 2009

what i learned this week is . . .

  • sometimes it's ok to ask for help. sometimes
  • my children really do try to behave themselves
  • how to file my own legal papers, motions, objections . . .
  • good friends, i mean really really great friends, are good to have
  • my 9 year old CAN finish her class work when threatened with no movie night
  • it's ok to freak out once in a while
  • my sewing machine looks kind of nice with laundry draped over it (lol)
  • my 5 year old has a bully in her class :(
  • my 5 year old is really brave
  • clipping coupons, matching coupons, stacking coupons . . . is an art!
  • my 9 year old does not like getting an S for the day (satisfactory)

Friday, September 4, 2009

friday again?

is it friday again? oh my. where has the week gone? it has been a good week here. school was great. girls were great. went and helped with my daughter's teachers today. they enjoyed that. not too busy of a weekend planned. funny how having children teaches one to slow down a little. had plans to go to a friend's house this evening. she was going to walk me through the process of clipping, printing, and stacking coupons. then my 5 year old all of a sudden got sick! out of no where, sore throat and fever. i rocked her and she was out in 5 minutes flat. poor baby. that is what i hate about kindergarten. at least she has a 3 day weekend to mend.
i tried my hand at sewing last weekend. didn't get far. all i can do is laugh. i have all these ideas, but no idea how to use this great magnificent tool. sigh, i know. i need to stop being afraid of it. maybe i will try again tomorrow. we'll see. if anyone has any experience, and any ideas as to what could be a good starting project, let me know.

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