Monday, February 22, 2010


ok, ok, so here it is
what a day

wow, what a weekend
it has been crazy
we had a yard sale sat.

i did not do as well as i would have liked to
but everyone else in my family did
and they were the reason for the sale

so monday came and is gone.
20 minutes gone to be exact.
all the babies are sleeping
do you hear that?

neither do i

it's a nice feeling
when your kids are all sleeping soundly
you are careful not to make a sound

but sometimes i find myself
wanting to sneak in and cuddle with them.
they are so sweet.
i need to remind myself that they won't be sweet forever

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mindless chatter of a sahm

i may be loosing my mind.
baby has been teething, that's always fun
it's her molar. the third one, so it's been a fun few weeks

my parents are in town, have been for two weeks.
they are packing up all their stuff, selling the rest.
let me back up. i live in their home, with my three girls
they live in new york. have been for almost a year.
well, they are moving permanently and leasing their house
the one i live in with my three girls.

now that the baby is older, i feel comfortable getting a job.
now that i am homeless i need a job
daycare costs will be about 500 a month
i can't find a job

my camera is crap
well, it's 2 years old
so it's time for a new one regardless,
too bad i don't have a job, therefore no mula to buy a camera

yesterday was a sad day
a day i want to forget
i tried, but failed
. . . one day . . .

i started knitting
i finished a scarf for my 15 month old nephew
♥ i hope it will keep him warm ♥

i am going to start ghostwriting for a blog
out of the box sampler
should be fun, come check it out, follow, comment
i'm looking forward to the experience

well, i need to clean the kitchen while the baby sleeps
i maybe have 15 minutes left of this nap, sigh
thanks for listening...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

No. 17 giveaway

Wow! beautiful work. come on over and enter to win!! or don't and let me have a greater chance. (evil laugh) ♥