Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mindless chatter of a sahm

i may be loosing my mind.
baby has been teething, that's always fun
it's her molar. the third one, so it's been a fun few weeks

my parents are in town, have been for two weeks.
they are packing up all their stuff, selling the rest.
let me back up. i live in their home, with my three girls
they live in new york. have been for almost a year.
well, they are moving permanently and leasing their house
the one i live in with my three girls.

now that the baby is older, i feel comfortable getting a job.
now that i am homeless i need a job
daycare costs will be about 500 a month
i can't find a job

my camera is crap
well, it's 2 years old
so it's time for a new one regardless,
too bad i don't have a job, therefore no mula to buy a camera

yesterday was a sad day
a day i want to forget
i tried, but failed
. . . one day . . .

i started knitting
i finished a scarf for my 15 month old nephew
♥ i hope it will keep him warm ♥

i am going to start ghostwriting for a blog
out of the box sampler
should be fun, come check it out, follow, comment
i'm looking forward to the experience

well, i need to clean the kitchen while the baby sleeps
i maybe have 15 minutes left of this nap, sigh
thanks for listening...

1 comment:

  1. Sounds a little crazy in your world right now. Hope you can find that moment of peace that all mom's crave!

    Hang in there