Sunday, June 20, 2010

much needed help

i got some much needed help yesterday

i took my children to a friends house
and dropped them off.

that's not something i do
even when they offer

i think 'these are my children,
if i can't handle them, what am i doing?'

so usually she'll show up at my house
and lock me in my room
while she entertains my children

but i needed a few hours
and i used them up!

i cleaned my house!
folded 10 loads of laundry
took two tests
& wrangled the cat back home.

thank you

and since i'm doing this
with an infant on my lap
and i've forgotten how to html,
nor do i have the time to look it up
here she is

Thursday, June 17, 2010

my visions . . .

. . . i have visions . . .

it's true
visions of sitting
enjoying a hot cup of coffee
with a quiet background

i even go as far as setting my alarm
for 5:30
of course the baby decides
to wake at 5:20
no joke

so i accept this is the way it will be
children screaming,
all before 6:30

while i try with the grace of God
to make my coffee
taking deep breaths
trying hard not to start screaming,
or putting them in daycare
for no reason.

Friday, June 11, 2010

back to it

two weeks in new york
visiting the fam does a body good
now i'm home and time to get back to it
the children have been gone
visiting their father for two weeks now


that is so hard,
she's 18 months and already been without me for two weeks
sometimes i wonder if it's as hard on her as i think it is

they are so strong
stronger than we imagine
i just hope they feel the love i feel for them everyday

Friday, June 4, 2010

drowning . . .

isn't it amazing how fast time flies?
i haven't written since the first of april!
between school and kids,
not much else has gotten done the past 9 weeks.

i took my 3 to the beach last week, after school.
i'm glad i did. oil is starting to show up on our beaches
what a sad thing to see.

i got myself a camera
i've had it for about two weeks
needed one for kindergarten graduation
playing with it
trying to figure if i like it
making sure it will do what i need, er... want.
so far so good

so i have a week and a half off until next semester starts,
and i will be catching up on some knitting. oh, and house cleaning.


Sunday, April 4, 2010

thought for the day

i know, i owe a lot of thoughts
i've been a little busy.
a lot busy

i moved.
not far, but the new place got a new room
had to be painted top to bottom
that was about a month ago
and we are still in boxes.
my room looks like a tornado hit

i've started school
online courses with a community college
i'm starting my fourth week
medical terminology and medical law and ethics
managed to bring a b to an a
that was kind of cool
no, i'm not trying to become a doctor,
or a lawyer.
thinking medical transcriptionist
or pharmacy tech

my camera died
i cried
so i've been taking pics with my phone.
now i need to find my micro sd card reader
where's that box?

Monday, February 22, 2010


ok, ok, so here it is
what a day

wow, what a weekend
it has been crazy
we had a yard sale sat.

i did not do as well as i would have liked to
but everyone else in my family did
and they were the reason for the sale

so monday came and is gone.
20 minutes gone to be exact.
all the babies are sleeping
do you hear that?

neither do i

it's a nice feeling
when your kids are all sleeping soundly
you are careful not to make a sound

but sometimes i find myself
wanting to sneak in and cuddle with them.
they are so sweet.
i need to remind myself that they won't be sweet forever

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

mindless chatter of a sahm

i may be loosing my mind.
baby has been teething, that's always fun
it's her molar. the third one, so it's been a fun few weeks

my parents are in town, have been for two weeks.
they are packing up all their stuff, selling the rest.
let me back up. i live in their home, with my three girls
they live in new york. have been for almost a year.
well, they are moving permanently and leasing their house
the one i live in with my three girls.

now that the baby is older, i feel comfortable getting a job.
now that i am homeless i need a job
daycare costs will be about 500 a month
i can't find a job

my camera is crap
well, it's 2 years old
so it's time for a new one regardless,
too bad i don't have a job, therefore no mula to buy a camera

yesterday was a sad day
a day i want to forget
i tried, but failed
. . . one day . . .

i started knitting
i finished a scarf for my 15 month old nephew
♥ i hope it will keep him warm ♥

i am going to start ghostwriting for a blog
out of the box sampler
should be fun, come check it out, follow, comment
i'm looking forward to the experience

well, i need to clean the kitchen while the baby sleeps
i maybe have 15 minutes left of this nap, sigh
thanks for listening...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

No. 17 giveaway

Wow! beautiful work. come on over and enter to win!! or don't and let me have a greater chance. (evil laugh) ♥

Sunday, January 31, 2010


ok, so to enter go to and follow directions. contest closes feb 3 at 5pm cst.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Found my answer!

baby's trying to get sick and has been sleeping in my arms all day :( so i have been surfing

it's called 'section 103'
cpsia faqs here

is tagging that important?

i have about 15 dresses made. i have my etsy shop up and running with the key chain fobs / wristlets, whatever you'd like to call them. wondering if i need to label my dresses!! with a name label or material label. is it important to the consumer? is it important to uncle sam? i've read a little about codes and such, and wondering if i need to tag them or can i put the information in the description or add a card in with each purchase?

sigh, i hope it is a simple answer. please be a simple answer!!

Friday, January 22, 2010


this is me.
drifting about as the world turns around me.
so many things happening.
things i cannot control.
just sitting back waiting for the waters to settle,
so i can reevaluate goals, dreams.
trying to become the mother i dreamed i would be.
the mother i want to be.
praying for my little ones.
praying that they are doing more than thriving through this time in our life.
knowing that God promises it will be okay.
that His hand is not short.

Monday, January 4, 2010

school starts back tomorrow

oh how sweet it will be to get back on a schedule!! i crave structure. without it, i can't think straight. oh and this year is going to be a great year. i can see it now. ahhh, but today is the first, and last day, of winter break that i actually have my big girls home with me. so i will say goodbye for now, and until tomorrow.