Wednesday, September 30, 2009

momma needs some new shoes

yes, that's right shoes. or maybe food. either way, i need a job. and so in the am i will be heading to an interview. my first in a very long time. i'm a little nervous. i remember my last interview. i was applying for secretary for a small cabinet door shop. worked there 2 years before becoming a sahm. and now, here i am, a few years later, one more kid and no man to support us. looser man. but that's besides the point. i will be stronger because of it. my daughters will grow to be awesome women, wives and mothers because of it. they will be independant, able to stand on their own feet if need be. willing to allow love in their hearts, to grow and nurture them, but not need it to survive.

how did i get off on that? that is not what this post is supposed to be about. i'm trying real hard not to get off on tangents. i can throw one heck of a pity party if i wanted to. but what's the point? i've heard that if you allowed other people and their actions to affect (effect?) the way you feel, then you are allowing yourself to become that persons slave. and i am no idiots slave. (had to throw that one in there) hee hee.

so, the point is, . . . i am going on a job interview and i am about scared out of my mind. i NEED a job. i have been a single stay at home mom with no income long enough. i hate being that woman sitting around waiting for the child support check. i felt a little justified in the fact that i had just birthed his child. but that was 10 months ago. i've just been procrastinating. now that the big girls are in school, it's time. i will let you know how it goes. till then, happy thoughts.

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