Friday, September 25, 2009

field trip or shots?

today my 5 year old went on her first field trip ever. her first ride in a school bus ever. and i was not with her :( . sniff i was at the doctor for the baby's checkup. they went to the skating rink. i drove by on my way from the doctor's and wondered if they would let me in. i doubted it, so i drove on. i felt horrible! no pics or anything. what a terrible mother i am. i still have pics from my oldest's first field trip from kindergarten. well, maybe she won't remember. and i will go next time for sure.
my baby had her check up today and got 3 shots total. she cried for half an hour! we had to stop at the store on the way home; she just wanted to go home and sleep. she was fine once she saw the yogurt melts in the cart. then we got home and she just wanted me to hold her, which was fine. it's what she's wanted all week so why should today be any different? between teeth poking through, allergies, and shots the dishes have not gotten done in two days. hmm, maybe i should be doing that now. nah, let me drink my tea and rest for a bit. ;)
the girls are all asleep, for now. long day for all of them. hopefully the baby sleeps well tonight. i'd like to get some sleep too. i wonder what it will be like when she does sleep through the night. she's 10 months old today and still waking up 3 times a night! when i try to give her the paci, she gets ticked off, screams, throws herself around . . . i know i should just walk away, but we share a room. so i get her out of her crib and . . . nurse her. yes i know, you don't have to tell me, but right now that's all she wants. i tell myself it's cause she's teething, but i'm afraid we are getting something started.
well, tomorrow starts a new weekend. no big plans here. just getting caught up on a lot of lovin' with my girls. have a few friends over sunday for some bbq. breathe a little before school starts again on monday. i am glad they both are loving school. makes those morning easy peasy lemon squeezy. (my 9 year old's new phrase) have a great weekend. maybe i'll pop in for a few words of enlightenment. maybe i won't.

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  1. Sounds like an emotional week. Hang in there!