Friday, September 11, 2009

what i learned this week is . . .

  • sometimes it's ok to ask for help. sometimes
  • my children really do try to behave themselves
  • how to file my own legal papers, motions, objections . . .
  • good friends, i mean really really great friends, are good to have
  • my 9 year old CAN finish her class work when threatened with no movie night
  • it's ok to freak out once in a while
  • my sewing machine looks kind of nice with laundry draped over it (lol)
  • my 5 year old has a bully in her class :(
  • my 5 year old is really brave
  • clipping coupons, matching coupons, stacking coupons . . . is an art!
  • my 9 year old does not like getting an S for the day (satisfactory)


  1. There is *definitely* a place in good parenting for threats... um, I mean, explanations of consequences.

  2. thanks. sometimes i wonder. i like your phrasing, 'explanation of consequences'