Friday, September 18, 2009

i'm still here

i have actually started to blog a few times this week. and each time something has come up. not sure what exactly, but something else needed to be done. not too surprising with a baby in the house. and with the big girls in school, my day seems to be shorter. i leave the house about 2:30 everyday to go and sit for half an hour waiting for them to be let out. then home again to start the evening routine again. we've been working on sticking to a schedule. using our time wisely. ergo, no blog. no really, we've done well this week. the girls are working really hard to get the important things done on time so there is still time for play at the end of the day. it has taken us 3 evenings to watch a movie. but all their homework and spiritual study has been done.

it seems strange with the baby, here at home with mommy all day she wants me to sit and do nothing. when i get up to clean something or fix something to eat, she has other plans. i can literally sit on the floor doing nothing, and she is fine to roam and play. if i get up, it's all over. once the big girls are home from school, she could care less what i am doing. the girls are at the table doing school work, i'm in the the kitchen getting dinner started, and she is roaming and playing by herself. she just feels more secure with her whole family. makes me smile to know that i have created a safe place for my children.

so i have my first sunday paper from last sunday. yes, i am just now getting coupons clipped. pathetic i know. but i am getting my grocery list compiled and getting ready to go out this afternoon with all girls in tow and shop with my coupons. i've been reading some blogs about using coupons and am amazed how much these mothers are saving! i don't know if i will ever truly understand all the tricks, but i am going to try. every bit helps.

on fridays i go to the school and help with the girls classes. with one in kindergarten and one in fourth grade, it makes for a fun day. the kindergartners are so excited when they see me come into the room. i have been three fridays, and each time they ask the same question. "are you her mom?" they don't even know my daughter's name. it's so cute. on fridays the school has a frozen treat. popsicles. these kids get popsicle dye all over themselves. one girl last week had blue dripped all down her arm, her leg and her whole chin was blue. the teacher told her to go look in the mirror and her reply: 'i'm too little to look in the mirror'. we all chuckled.

when i go, the baby stays with my sister and her cousin. they are 4 weeks apart. and so cute following each other around. my sister enjoys it because she is actually able to get things done around the house. they occupy each other. maybe i need to keep him a couple times too. that's an idea.

hmm, well i need to run now. but i'm glad i got a chance to 'chat' with you this am. i will get back with you this evening and let you know what i learned this week. till then, TGIF

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