Thursday, November 26, 2009

i am alive

i know, few actually care, but here i am. what a week!! it is only thursday, well, i guess the week is almost finished. to start with i have had a sick baby. that is nothing new for any of us, i'm sure, but when that baby has a seizure, that is pretty new and scary. and scared i was. i have never really been scared for my children before. they have fallen and busted their lips, fallen on concrete (thanks to daddies letting them fall off tables while camping) but i've taken it all with stride. but when your 12 month old child laying listless in your arms proceeds to jerk, a sense of helplessness comes over you. i don't care who you are. and so here i am, 3 days later to tell you that my child has an ear infection. yes, that's right, a simple ear infection caused her to have a seizure. well, the sudden rise in fever caused the seizure, but non the less. . . she is doing much better now. no fever for 24 hours.

a lot more has been happening in my life, but i will not bore you with the details. ok, so you maybe would not be bored, but i will not, WILL NOT, use you as my sounding board. lol

i have been busy making bandanna dresses. having lots of fun. hopefully i can get a business started and take care of mine.

so, until tomorrow, sleep well, and i hope you have all have a nice day with family.


  1. Whoa, mama, that is indeed scary stuff. Glad she's doing okay now, from the sound of the next post.

  2. yes, she is doing much better. thank you :)