Thursday, November 5, 2009

we are still here

i've been getting ready for a yard sale we're having on saturday and my house looks like a cyclone hit it. it makes for crazy hectic mornings getting ready for school. we can't find anything and chances are the baby has taken things from the keep pile, and put it in the sale pile. or visa versa. it's times like this i wish 'clean house' came to the gulf coast for their shows.

my friend has launched a new gift idea. a 3 or 4 pack lotion gift 'can'. so cute you need to check it out. she's so creative. she comes up with new ideas everyday! just can't seem to have the time to do all of them.

my sister has decided to make soy candles with essential oils. i told her she needs to make them and sell them. we sahm need all we can get.

well, i need to get busy before the tyrant, uh i mean my beautiful adventerous daughter decides to awaken.

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