Friday, November 6, 2009

the best laid out plans . . .

today is friday, was friday. i suppose the day is nearly over now. anyway, my friend and i had plans to go out for a big girl night. you know, no kids? no high-chair, no color crayons, no special 'dip dip' on the side. i can't remember the last time i did that. she had been invited to a wine tasting evening at a local sushi restaurant. i was sooooo looking forward it! i did my hair, put on my make-up like i cared, pulled out my boots. then the baby woke up with a fever. half her face was red. and she just wanted momma to hold her. and that was the end of our plans. so i whipped up some guacamole, made some tortilla chips, and we browsed the net instead. which was fun.
i also had planned a yard sale for tomorrow. i may still throw a few things out there if she seems to be doing better. i could start my own small children's consignment sale with all i have. i've saved things my first child wore when she was a toddler. after about 9 years of dragging it along with us everywhere, i've decided to let it go. i didn't keep it all for sentimental reasons, more for financial reasons. makes sense, except now i have no where to put it! my goal was to sell it all and make enough to get a good sewing machine. we'll see!

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