Friday, November 20, 2009

am i an idiot?

i have been looking for a new sewing machine. can't really afford one, but wanted one non the less. well, i thought it may be worth it to take mine in and get it looked at. so i started researching my problem and found a site, forget now, that had a list of possible solutions. she called it the 10 minute something or another. (i feel really bad that i can't link you to her site) so anyway, i did the 10 minute something or another. i changed the needle, re threaded with the presser foot UP and started sewing. i have made three dresses and practiced a hem. all with no skipped stitches!!! i am relieved. excited!! as i write this i wish there was more material to sew!! well, you know what this means. I CAN JOIN THE SCARF ALONG!!! i just need to get my materials. hee hee hee

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