Tuesday, November 17, 2009

nothing new

nothing new to report. how boring my life has become. just sent in my fafsa application. we'll see. now i just need to decide what to take. have a few ideas, just want to make sure that i chose something that will be worth it, allow me to support my little family and something i will enjoy in the long run. decisions decisions.

may have found a sewing machine!!! so excited. not anything fancy. found it on craigslist. it's the brother that my local target has but it's about 15 bucks cheaper, still in the box. we'll see if she replies to my email.

got a few key chains and barrettes made. can't decide if i should add an iron on monogram or not. trying to get enough made that i can put them up in a local sale fair type thing in jan, or feb. not sure when. eek! better get busy non the less.

so how many have checked out the scarf a long? i hope i can get this sewing machine in time so i can catch up. looks fun.


  1. I plan on doing the scarf along too looks fun! Havn't bought my material yet though. Just print out the instructions and then you can start whenever your ready. I'm gonna have to get a projects folder together because I've got so many craft projects I'm wanting to do:)

  2. oh, i do miss you. wouldn't it be fun if we could do it together? . . .

  3. The scarf along looks like so much fun! I hope you get your machine in time.