Wednesday, October 21, 2009

playing catch up

my family is visiting from new york, and my father has hijacked my computer. he needs if for work, searches, and netflix instant movies. so i have not been on for a few days and i have a lot of blogs to catch up on!!!
i've noticed we've only got one contestant for our giveaway. what's going on ladies? no one interested? let me know. i've got a few pairs of these earrings and i love them. good conversation starters. if they are not your style, they may make a nice gift for that rocker you know. Click here to enter!

so the weather has cooled a bit here in the deep south. of course today was 80*, nice!
i went on a field trip with my kindergartner. we went to a mini aquarium/planetarium. they had a blast!! i'm not sure how much of it they actually understood, but it was pretty awesome. the baby stayed with my mother and sister and obviously enjoyed herself. i know my mother did. well, dinner is not going to finish itself. mom has gone to get salad stuffs and the potatoes are waiting to me mashed. gotta run. will catch up soon.


  1. it has been so far. thank you. just a few more days left and all will be gone. sniff