Thursday, October 29, 2009

farmers market

burris farmers market on hwy 59 in loxley alabama

having more than one child in school sure does keep one busy. if it's not assemblies or lunches it's field trips. the last few weeks we have had our share. but wednesday and thursday were good trips. the whole school has taken turns walking the few blocks to our local farmers market. wednesday i went with the kindergartners and thursday was the fourth graders turn. the kids had a blast. the tour started with a look inside one of the large coolers where the kids smelled the onions being stored, they loved that. then the kindergartners took a walk through the back of the store where the pecan shellers were hard at work. then through the market where they learned a lot about different kinds of fruits and veggies, with a visit to the bakery for some ice cream with sprinkles. yum! .

paying for thier ice cream

heading back to class

no one got left out

4th grade class heading to the market
the fourth graders went from the cooler straight for the ice cream and then a lesson in fruits and veggies. the kids were so inquisitive. i was impressed at the way the ladies giving the tours adapted for each age group. they all did a fantastic job. everyone got a pumpkin. my kids want to make pumpkin pie with their's. now i need to figure out how to cut one of these opened.
here are a few pictures. it's so hard not to post all the pics, and i don't really know what the laws are on posting pics of other people's kids without permission, but i'm guessing it's a no no. so these pics are only of my kids on the trip


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