Wednesday, October 7, 2009

kick it into high gear, dummy

i'm unloading groceries today, figuring how much longer before the big girls get home from school and when that will be in relation to baby's nap. and i wonder, is this what my life has come down to? grocery shopping so i can cook, clean, fix snacks, clean, cook again, grocery shop again, . . . and i think to myself "i need a job". then lightning struck my brain. i'm wanting to continue being a stay at home mom, and i have these great ideas on how to be a working stay at home mom (wahm) AND HERE I AM LOOKING FOR A JOB!!! am i a moron? don't answer that. i have all the time to do these great and amazing things i want to do, why don't i do them? shame it took lightning striking my brain to realize this. now i just need to get the money to get the materials to do these things. we will just have to have a yard sale. it's about time. weather should be cooling off in a few months. just in time for me to get around to getting things ready for a sale. i jest. not about the weather, about me getting in gear. it was 95* today. -sigh- won't be too long though.

so i want to create custom finished scrapbooks. i love doing it, and i've seen it done on line. i wonder how well they do. even just pages, or kit baskets. we'll see. once i get it all loaded into my 'store' i'll send a link and you guys can tell me what you think. that's just one of my ideas. i still need to figure out how to use this sewing machine. a lot has been going on in my life lately, i haven't been on it in over a month. but soon. i mean, hello. it's not like i don't have anything else to do with my time.

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