Wednesday, October 14, 2009

am i alive?

i can not believe how tired i am. how would i feel if i had a job? i mean a paying job. i worked real hard last night and got the house nice and clean. put away all my laundry, vaccumed, mopped, had the kitchen spotless. this morning it was so nice getting up to a clean house. the girls were in school all day and the baby and i were out most of the day. yet as i sit here and look around, i wonder what happened. and where did all the energy i had last night go? do i want to put it all away now and enjoy the clean in the am? or do i want to rest and clean in the am? sigh, decisions decisions. i do lead a tough life. i wish that was the hardest thing. i made some popcorn, so i think i will clean and maybe sit and watch jane eyre finally!!! we'll see how i feel after cleaning.

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