Wednesday, December 23, 2009

home at last!!

i can not believe i have been gone for over two weeks!! how great it is to be home. yes, my grandfather passed away on the 7th. quite unexpected. my grandmother is in a nursing home and my biological mother was estranged. but all is well now. i guess, as well as can be. i love dysfunction, don't you? lol

also, a little something that has been going on in my life, my ex had filed for custody. a logical reason my posts for the last month or so have been so blah. a little emotionless. well, we had court monday the 21st. WE WON!! my daughter is soooo relieved. the first thing she asked when i picked her up afterward was who had won. i didn't even think she knew we were headed to court. so perceptive. i wanted to cry when she smiled, sighed and said 'good'.

so i have two weeks with one child. what will i do? i know exactly what i will do. i am going to dump their toy boxes out and clear out all the junk. same with their dressers, and book shelves, and . . . you get the idea.

while i was gone my father got me a camera. well, he got it on his best buy card and i will have to make the payments. it's a bit too much camera for me. we will probably go tomorrow and see what i can do about that. their is a feature i do not like. not sure how to explain it. when taking a pic, the lcd does not show the view. you have to look through the view finder. we'll see what can be done about that. alright, well, i am exhausted. headed to find my pillow, ;) chit chat with you later.

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